Soda Piggy created the music for the game Scare Spree. He is in the process of creating music for upcoming games, Mr. Triangle's Adventure and Mr. Triangle's Maze.

Glock and Mr. 8bit created the music for the game, Graffiti Goose.

Super Walrus Games and Red Triangle Games collaborated to create the game-movie Monster Lot.


Red Triangle Games primarily builds games using the Official Hamster Republic Role Playing Game Construction Engine (OHR.RPG.CE. or OHR). Visit the Hamster Republic for information on how you can learn to make your own games.

Artwork by Soda Piggy and prepped for printing by Red Triangle Games, this mousepad features a good representation of the characters created by various developers who have built games with the OHR.RPG.CE.

Rock and Roll band from the founder of Red Triangle Games.