Become the Dynamic Duo!

The Joker has broken out of Arkham, and with him, he's taken five of Batman's most deadly foes! Together, Batman and Robin must overcome the five villains and find clues as to where the Joker is hiding so they can stop his sinister plan! Are you brave enough to don the cape and cowl and pursue the Joker in his perhaps his most devious plan yet? Explore the villanous hideouts of Mr. Freeze, Clayface, Poison Ivy, Scarecrow, Killer Croc, Manbat, and the clown prince of crime himself, the Joker in a classic RPG adventure! You'll take down thugs and henchmen, solve puzzles and collect clues as you gain experience and fight your way through to the end of each level! The RPG's story is based primarily around one from the hit 90's animated TV show!

Along the way, you will unlock various costumes and gadgets as rewards for your efforts throughout the game. And upon completing the main campaign as Batman & Robin, you will unlock the special feature, Joker's Breakout, in which you play as the Joker and Harley Quinn in the events that took place before the dynamic duo hunt down the clown couple and their accomplices. Joker's Breakout is designed for hardcore players looking for a new challenge as it takes the formula used for Batman mode and puts a unique twist on it. If you are skilled enough at that mode of play, you can unlock Boss Rush Mode, where you take on every boss in the game, and then one additional mega boss!


Frequently Asked Questions

After the introduction to the game, you are free to select a mission and proceed to take on the various escaped rogues. Simply interact with the Bat Computer and go to Mission Select from there.

The game is carefully balanced to go after the various rogues in any particular order. The crucial part of survival is making sure you stock up on items, as Batman would actually do. Be sure and visit Alfred to buy healing items, visit the armories to get equipment for both Batman & Robin. There are no healing items dropped in any of the missions, so it is important to bring everything you need to finish the mission with you.

Harley Quinn explains that the secret to the safes is relevant to the mission-based fish in the level before reaching the first safe. In the first room with the specific fish, the numbers go clockwise. In the next area, the numbers go clockwise based on the room. Some of the fish will be hiding behind the Joker's gas, so be very careful counting. Also, if you are having trouble, there is a wounded thug in the room for the 2nd safe that tells you two of the four needed numbers.

Battles function in an Active Time Battle format, so being alert and active with the gameplay is the only way to survive. Each character has a set of moves along with a default attack. The default attack is focused purely on your Strength, wheras the Utility Belt moves are focused on your Bat Strength. Other abilities are primarily based around your Strength as well. Certain enemies are weak to certain types of moves, but all enemies are affected by the default moves the same. Consult the Bat Computer for a detailed list of weaknesses and attack types.

upon each level-up, your heroes have the option to boost specific attributes. In Batman mode, you can increase your HP, BP or Power. Based on how you increase those stats will determine the moves you can learn. For a detailed list of moves and how to obtain them, visit the Bat Computer. Each move has different requirements, and if you want to obtain the 100% Batman or 100% Robin Achievements, you will need to look at those closely if you are having trouble.

all stages are balanced to go in any order, but Mr. Freeze's mission is the most accessible to new players.

Batparts are located in the following levels after successfully defeating the rogue of each. Mr. Freeze, Clayface, Scarecrow.

to unlock Joker's Breakout, you must first defeat the Joker in regular Batman play.

Joker's Breakout is designed to be a unique twist to the regular Batman gameplay. In Batman gameplay, you can upgrade your HP, BP and Power. However, in Joker's Breakout, you have a preset amount of BP, of which you can't update. Each clown is designed to be the perfect teammate to the other. For instance, Joker is built with various offensive moves, and Harley is built with various healing moves. If you run out of BP in battle, use Joker or Harley's Comedy move to replenish all of that character's BP. There are also healing items scattered across the asylum, but what you find is what there is. So fighting careful and using each character to their full potential is vital to making it through the asylum.

In Batman Mode, access the Bat Computer to save before or after a mission. You cannot save during one. In Joker's Breakout, there are various Arkham consoles all over the asylum, access them to save your progress.

As of August 31st, 2014, the game was updated to feature more costumes and a whole new mode of play, Joker's Breakout. New content is hinted at the end of that mode of play. However, it could be a while before it comes. The content hinted, could even be in a possible sequel later on down the road. As a small studio, Red Triangle Games is focusing on new games before updating previously finished ones. Your suggestions are always appreciated, do not hesitate to email them in.

Unlockable Costumes


to unlock the Classic Batsuit, get the 100% Batman Achievement.

to unlock the Dark Knight Batsuit, complete Joker's Break-Out. After unlocking, the suit will be available in Batman's Armory.

to unlock the Gray Ghost Batsuit, revisit Scarecrow's level after successfully locking him back in Arkham Asylum.

to unlock the Red Triangle Games Batsuit, interact with the mechanical triangle in the basement of Arkham Asylum during Joker's Breakout. To unlock the hidden move, R.C. Baterang, wear the Red Triangle Games Batsuit to the mall after defeating Clayface, and speak to Stuart the Nerd. He will give you the item to equip to learn the move. You can only use this move while wearing the Red Trianlge Games suit. After unlocking, the suit will be available in Batman's Armory.

to unlock the Thermal Batsuit, purchase from Batman's Armory.

to unlock the Zur-En-Arrh Batsuit, finish Boss Rush Mode. After unlocking, the suit will be available in Batman's Armory.


to unlock the 1997 Movie Robin Suit, revisit Poison Ivy's level after successfully locking her away in Arkham Asylum.

to unlock the Nightwing Robin Suit, finish Boss Rush Mode. After unlocking, the suit will be available in Robin's Armory.

to unlock the Classic Robin Suit, get the 100% Robin Achievement.

to unlock the Red X Robin Suit, complete Joker's Break-Out. After unlocking, the suit will be available in Robin's Armory.

to unlock the Tech Robin Suit, purchase from Robin's Armory.

Joker & Harley Quinn

to unlock the Red Hood Joker Costume, defeat the Nightmare located on the basement floor of Arkham Asylum during Joker's Breakout. The costume will be added to your inventory after unlocking.

to unlock the Arkham City Harley Quinn Costume, find all of the hidden Riddler Trophies scattered across Arkham Asylum during Joker's Breakout. The costume will be added to your inventory after unlocking.

Batman and all related characters are the property of DC Comics. This game is a work of fan-fiction.