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In the official Axe Cop RPG, you take on the role of Axe Cop and his friends to chop the heads off of bad guys everywhere! The group decides to build a machine that can turn any bad guy into a good guy, and as they construct the machine there will be obvious heads to chop. You'll face off against classic Axe Cop rouges such as Dr. Doo Doo, Dr. Stinkyhead, Psydrozon, Vampire Man Baby, Bad Santa, and many more as you explore their hideouts and various other locations in search of the missing parts for the Good Guy Machine. This game is made with the permission of the creators of Axe Cop and will be the ultimate celebration of the franchise. The story of the game will be a greatest hits of all of the Axe Cop comics. Every volume of his adventures will be represented in this game. Red Triangle Games is also proud to say that they are once again teaming up with Soda Piggy. We are tenatively planning on releasing this game to go along with the 10 year anniversary of Axe Cop.


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LOCATION: Land of Volcanoes

HP: 200

The T-Rex has two phases, one with his mouth open, other without. While his mouth is open he counters every move you do that does damage to his HP. During that time, it's best to charge up your MP, use items, or have Flute Cop use his Defense Down move. When his mouth is closed, that is the time to strike. If you leveled up Axe Cop's Power one time to get to 30, he will learn Hack n' Slash, which will speed up the fight. Be careful of Flute Cop's speed, the dinosaur is by default one point faster than him, so unless you leveled up his agility prior to this fight you will accidentally trigger a T-Rex counter attack.

LOCATION: Above Land of Volcanoes

HP: ???

This fight is impossible to win to prove to the player and heroes the sheer force of what defeats Psydrozon. Since this fight cannot be won, it is a good time to use Charge to restore MP for free.


Telescope Gun Cop HP: 220 / Uni-Baby HP: 60
PRIZE: Chocolate Bar x1, Fruit Candy x1

Telescope Gun Cop and Uni-Baby work as a team, but one is a better teammate than the other. Telescope Gun Cop shoots apples at the heroes but it consumes MP. If he gets low enough and Uni-Baby isn't in the party his next move will always be eating a chocolate bar to restore his MP. If Uni-Baby is still alive, she has a 33% chance of crying which does nothing and helps you get in a free turn. If she does perform a move it's either depleting your MP or restoring Telescope Gun Cop's. The easiest way to win is to quickly get rid of Uni-Baby. Axe Cop's new move, Lemon Slice can do it in one turn. After that, keep an eye on your HP and make sure Axe Cop stays on the offensive.

LOCATION: Snow Planet

HP: 400
PRIZE: Freezey x1

The Grizzly Bear can be tough if you don't watch your HP and this is the first fight to really get your feet wet with Ralph Wrinkles. The best strategy is to make sure Axe Cop uses his physical attacks, conserve the lemons if you can and just focus on Hack and Slash. Make sure Avocado Soldier uses plenty of fruit candy or chocolate bars on either Axe Cop or Ralph Wrinkles. If everyone has plenty of MP, switch Avocado Soldier to the offensive temporarily. Use Ralph Wrinkles for his Laser Eyes attack to keep everyone's HP full since if anyone accidentally gets KO'ed, he can revive them and that will conserve your Freezies. The bear has one rough move called "Bear Thrash" where he attacks until he runs out of MP which can either cripple or kill your party so make sure to keep HP's high for the fight. His other moves shouldn't affect you too bad if you can just maintain the strategy listed above.

LOCATION: Snow Planet

Bad Santa HP: 550 / Flying Book HP: 400
EXPERIENCE: 400 (Bad Santa), 120 (Flying Book)
MONEY: 250 (Bad Santa), 50 (Flying Book)
PRIZE: Vitamin A x1 (Bad Santa), Chocolate Bar x1 (Flying Book)
STEAL: Red Sports Drink x1 (Bad Santa), Orange Sports Drink x1 (Flying Book)

Bad Santa and the Flying Book work as a team. So long as the Flying Book is in battle, he will continue to heal all of Bad Santa's health. Because the Flying Book is an aerial enemy, you will need to use your aerial moves. Sockarang and Avocado Soldier, by default have free aerial moves. If you hit Bad Santa at all, after the Flying Book heals Bad Santa, on it's next turn, it will close and only a fire move can penetrate it. Bad Santa hints at this saying "You'll never burn through it's pages." After eliminating the Flying Book, Bad Santa goes on the offensive. He has a few powerful moves, his most dangerous being the "Power Chord" move which does massive damage. After Flying Book is gone, use Sockarang's Chainsaw move to bring the saw out and then focus on Axe Cop and him on the offensive moves and focus on Avocado Soldier and Ralph Wrinkles for healing and MP restorative items.

LOCATION: Snow Planet

Barry HP: 200, Viking HP: 50
EXPERIENCE: 800 (Barry), 20(Viking)
MONEY: 300 (Barry), 5 (Viking)
PRIZE: Vitamin C x1; STEAL: 2-Liter x1

After the story ends at the Snow Planet, Sockarang has the ability to play guitar, which he can do at the same song statues Flute Cop had access to. Reivisit the second one you found in the level, located in the room below the statue in the first cave area. After playing, Sockarang comments that something happened in the mountain but he isn't sure what. Leave the way you came in and you'll notice a new cave door on the way back outside to the left. This new area will take you to where Barry is at.

Every time Barry is alone, he spends one turn summoning two assist Vikings before doing his regular attacks. He has an ice chop attack which has a chance of freezing/stunning a good guy, a powerful gold elemental strike that does critical damage, and a blizzard that hits all heroes. If Baby Man is in your party you can use his ability to learn Blizzard. The key to winning easiest is to buff your offensive fighters to the point that two can take down both vikings with one hit each, and then have your other two heroes keep attacking Barry. If you can make the start of every other turn where Barry has to summon more vikings, it'll increase the time spent having all four heroes gang up on him.